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I began making knives in 1977 after seeing a couple handmade knives my father-in-law, who was a master tool and die maker, made.

I made seven, all folders, to give away as Christmas gifts to my family members. While searching for what little information that was available at the time I learned there was a collector market. So, I began designing, making, and selling my work and have enjoyed a demand for my handmade knives since that time.

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T.R. Overeynder Knives a name that is recognized around the world that stands for quality, fit and finish. It's my goal and mission as a Knifemaker to produce the finest work possible. Anything worth doing is worth doing right. My specialty is in folding knives, both conventional lockbacks and traditional pocketknives. However, you will see an occasional Bowie or a very high-grade hunter.

My work is warranted against manufacturing defects, the only exceptions are natural handle materials that can crack or shrink with age, and of course abuse and mis-use.

The Gallery will show current and classic work and be sure to checkout the Available section to see what's new or for sale.

Remember, Quality is not Expensive, It's Priceless.
Good enough is the greatest enemy of excellence.

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